Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moving House! New Blog Site!

Hi Guys - just moving across to Wordpress hope you'll join me there with the bigger, better blog! I'm all fired up ready to go! look forward to seeing you there! Just getting to know how it all works....

Monday, March 8, 2010

“Being Funny - Stand-up Comedy Workshop – Adelaide, March 13-14”

Two-day intensive skills training with actor and NIDA trainer Jamie Harding

Want to improve your stand-up skills and explore some new ways to make people laugh louder and longer?

This two-day course is led by Jamie "JJ" Harding, an actor and stand-up comedian for over a decade. Jamie has been delivering a similar course for the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in Sydney over the past few months, while developing a strong fanbase for his own show – and now he’s snagged a place in the Celebrity Comedy Debate, working alongside Australia’s top comedians.

Jamie’s Career So Far

Jamie has worked all over Australia and Asia in theatre and comedy. He is currently following in the footsteps of Carl Barron and Judith Lucy to open for Bob Downe, one of Australia’s most loved comic creations (created by Mark Trevorrow) for audiences of 1,000 in Sydney’s most prestigious venues.

In Adelaide, Jamie worked with State Theatre Company, nominating for the prestigious Critics’ Circle Award and in 2008 winning the ‘Advertiser Best Actor’ award. His television credits include the ABC series ‘Rain Shadow’ and the hit channel 9 series ‘McLeod's Daughters’. His Stage Credits include the State Theatre Company's production of ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’. He featured in the production ‘The Real Thing’ and was seen recently in the Brink Productions Gorge in 09.

In demand as a Corporate Comedy Performer and Master of Ceremonies, Jamie’s clients include Belfinger Berger, Frucor, V Energy Drink, Star Mission, Royal Society for the Blind and many more.

Here are some of the rave reviews from his latest Comedy Course at NIDA:

~"We wished we had him for longer. He covered lots of ground over 2 days"

~"The course was fantastic"

~"Jamie was excellent at helping and counselling some of us who had more trouble to come up with jokes. No one felt left out and the big finale which was our own stand up performance became almost natural and not so scary anymore."

~"The only thing missing would be a longer course with him because he had so much insight to give."

~"A perfect wrap up by a stand up professional"

To join the Adelaide Being Funny Workshop, contact Jamie Harding

or text or call 0407 716 573.

The cost for 2 full days is just $250. Concessions, let Jamie know.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Social Media Crap for Business?

I've had a few heated discussions with my marketing mates down the pub about social media. Some say it's all meaningless BS and I quote, "Nobody I want to sell to wastes their time on Twitter".... puleease......

That's not how I see it - I get more hardcore, relevant information that I need by listening and contributing on Twitter and linkedin than anywhere else. I hardly bother with my old corporate email address any more because it's so much easier to Skype. I can find all the leads I can handle and I can't imagine not being part of this many-headed Hydra (now, now, no comments about which head i am....or was that medusa?)

I'm interested to find out other opinions - from diehard social media addicts and those who simply loiter.

How to measure the impact of social media - checklist

The PR industry continues to look for a reliable way to measure ROI on social media - they know they have to be there but where do all the hours go and was it all worth it?

One clearcut metric is viewer stats (of tweets, video, press releases, diggs, etc) - they are a surefire indicator of the popularity of a topic. But even without a lot of 'thumbs-up' on, you can still get to the top of Google Search for major, 'expensive' keywords. So views on a single website don't tell anything like the whole story.

A large percentage of tweets (more than 60%) contain brand names so you can also begin to measure online reputation and impact: analyse positive, negative and neutral mentions.

Here's a handy checklist from Ogilvy PR that might help you put together an ROI chart:

• Blogs & Microblogs
– Number of inbound links
– Frequency/timeliness of posts
– Foll owers & subscribers
– Number and content of comments
– Affiliation of author
– Search engine visibility
– Traffic
– RSS feed subscriptions

• Videos & Photo Communities
– Number of views and downloads
– Number and content of comments
– Ratings/peer assessment
– Relevant groups
– Number of subscribers
– Number of inbound links

• Message Boards & Forums
– Breadth of boards
– Quantity and timeliness of activity
– Search engine visibility
– Affiliation
– Membership numbers
– Traffic

• Social Networks
– Membership numbers
– Types of community features present
(eg, profiles, blogs, video, message boards)
– Activity level on features
– Affiliation
– Search engine visibility
Hope this helps - let me know what you use to measure success!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Jack Evans honoured in newspapers across Australia

Proud to say the Newsmaker helped inform newspapers across Australia about the passing of Jack Evans, founder of the Australian Democrats.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Aussie start-ups look for US gateway

Aussie start-ups look for US gateway

MIS Australia and Australian Financial Review writer Rachael Bolton wrote this cool story about the Australian companies attending this year's ANZATech Summit.

Computerworld also covered the story at:

Both these pieces of coverage were generated from a press release on NewsMaker :

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Why would a journalist bother reading your press release?

For all those who have asked me what makes a good press release, here's the inside leg:

Any other tips, just ask me :)